“Charlayne Thornton-Joe is one of my former students and I am so proud of the human being that she is .......  caring, considerate, knowledgeable, compassionate, fully aware of the needs of her Community, giving of herself far beyond the norm and fun-loving.  I fully support Charlayne in her quest for re-election as a Victoria City Councillor. ”
Linda Johnstone, Retired Teacher, Lambrick Park Secondary School

“Every community needs a champion and Charlayne has been one of those champions for Victoria. She has served our City admirably over many years and in so doing, has developed an intimate understanding of how Victoria works. I believe she will continue to work hard to find balance between social security and economic prosperity. ”
Ken Kelly, Downtown Victoria Business Association Manager 2005-2016

“It is merely a coincidence that Charlayne is my cousin.  If we were not related, I would still be a strong supporter. Over the years, I have worked on initiatives and projects with Charlayne and she is always prepared, experienced and her lifelong personal connections are invaluable for the task at hand.  Her time on Victoria City Council gives her a depth of experience no other Councillor or candidate can match. I never doubt where Charlayne's drive and motivation originates: she is wholly committed to the betterment of the City of Victoria and to the Region.  She is a person of strong character and integrity and is often the voice of reason on complicated City matters. As a family member, I am proud to be her cousin.  As a member of the Community, I support Charlayne Thornton-Joe in her continued efforts in the City of Victoria.”
Tony Joe, REALTOR, Businessman, Member Telus Community Board, Past-President Victoria Real Estate Board, Past Vice-Chair Victoria Dragonboat Festival Society, Past Co-Chair Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, Past Board Member Victoria Hospice Society & Anawim House, host of CFAX 1070 “The Whole Home Show”

“Charlayne works tirelessly to provide better animal welfare through by-law legislation. She has worked closely with myself and other animal welfare groups to strengthen and modify existing by-laws to better protect our animals and how we deal with them. Her penchant for volunteer work, conviction to her community, and her focus on the issues that matter, make Charlayne the perfect community representative. She is approachable, and adds value to the overall business and community process. Charlayne is a true joy to talk with and I enjoy working with.”
Penny Stone, Founder & Executive Director, Victoria Humane Society

“Charlayne puts the “C” in Community and has been a strong voice for many of us through the years.”
Rob Reid, Community Leader

“Charlayne is deeply committed to improving our community for everyone.   She is knowledgeable of the issues  and drives for solutions that are tempered with realism and compassion.  She is a true civic leader who gets things done.”
Dr. Bernie Pauly,  Registered Nurse and Researcher

“Words to describe Charlayne……..a rare gem. Tirelessness community service. Dedicated to the public good. Listen, hear and act. Going beyond the ordinary.  Humble and genuine.  A great human being and a friend.  A must-have Councillor for Victoria.”
Nelson Lah, dedicated former public servant and former Chair of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, Inter Cultural Association, Victoria Chinatown Lions Club and various community organizations

“Charlayne Thornton-Joe cares deeply about the community and people of Victoria….Charlayne Thornton-Joe continues to be an excellent councilor because she knows how to listen to all sides of an issue, keep the people affected in mind and make a fair decision.”
Jean McRae, Executive Director of the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, Vic West resident

I will be voting for Charlayne Thornton-Joe in the upcoming election. Through some my community involvement I have come to see that Charlayne speaks out for the underdog, both literally and figuratively. This is important. Charlayne has a record of listening to neighborhoods and her voting record leans against rampant neighborhood redevelopment.”
Bob June, Victoria

“Charlayne’s broad spectrum of volunteer work, her personal convictions and selflessness, and her community activism have influenced those around her and have motivated them to action. She has in her community work, bettered our society. Charlayne is an exemplary member of our community.”
Alice Lo, Victoria Resident

“Charlayne’s positive involvement and leadership in a wide range of civic affairs goes back many years.  During her terms on Council, she has continued her enthusiasm, commitment and hard work at the grass-roots level to achieve results.  She listens to people, helps solve problems and follows through every time.  Victoria needs Charlayne at City Hall.”
John Adams, Historian, James Bay Resident

“Charlayne Thornton-Joe....Unwavering in her commitment to make City of Victoria a more inclusive, safe and community-minded place.”
Marilyn Erikson, Recovery Coach/Youth Mentor

“Charlayne Thornton-Joe is a dedicated and hard-working community leader…. She always considers opinions and suggestions of other people and is an excellent Councillor.”
Dr. David Chuenyan Lai, Centre on Aging, University of Victoria

“There are no easy answers to the mental health, addiction and homelessness issues that affect the fabric of Downtown Victoria. Charlayne is a skilled observer, and an even better listener. She brings a thoughtful and balanced approach to these complex concerns.”
Gordon Harper, Retired Executive Director of Umbrella, Society for Addictions and Mental Health

“Charlayne cares for people and the community, and she has a good balanced approach, and she listens. She is doing a great job on city council.”
Ben Pires, Honourary Citizen of Victoria 2000

“Over the years I have been amazed at, and supported by, Charlayne's profound commitment to the health of Victoria. I've been amazed at her energy, seemingly never stopping, with which she provides leadership in settings ranging from policy meetings to hands-on street care.  And I've been supported to know that someone of her integrity and commitment is prepared to serve in public office to help make this city the place of health and dignity it is called to be. ”
Rev. Harold Munn